mercredi 2 juin 2010

Un message de Jens Galschiot

Help the Chinese get their history back ahead of the 21st anniversary of the crackdown on the students on the Tiananmen Square. See the appeal below. We have uploaded the students’ documentation on our website. Distribute it to the Chinese people you come across. See: Jens Galschiot has been asked by the record company of the rock band AC/DC to make a sketch for a sculptural presentation of Angus Yong. Originally it was planned to be put up in the Danish city of Horsens during the AC/DC concert on 5th June. But due to a protracted procedure of the municipality the project had to be abandoned. AC/DC and the record company are enthusiastic about the design, but now are in need of a location for a sculpture, that is now available for city that might take interest in the affair. Read more at 13 cupper sculptures of homeless people in natural size created by Jens Galschiot have started their European tour to highlight homeless people’s situation. First stage of the tour was the European Parliament where the sculptures were exhibited in April. If you are interested in getting the exhibition to your city or museum, contact the promoter: Marie Skjelbo Justesen, Tel.: +45 2828 8098, E-mail: See photos at Best wishes Jens Galschiot

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